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BGS Recyplast (BINEDOU GLOBAL SERVICES) is a company specialized in the collection, processing, and transformation of plastic waste into paving stones. Located in the Republic of Guinea, specifically in the prefecture of Coyah (Km 36), BGS Recyplast employs ten people and has its own recycling plant.

Recycling plastic waste and turning it into resources

BGS Recyplast uses plastic waste to produce paving stones, without adding water or cement. The products made are more durable, sustainable, and rigid. They are offered at affordable and competitive costs. Our products are suitable for all kinds of projects, whether for individuals, businesses, or institutions.

BGS Recyplast has surrounded itself with technicians and qualified agents in the recycling of plastic waste and actively contributes to the preservation of the environment.

Our recycled plastic products

Individuals, businesses, and institutions, feel free to contact us to obtain a quote for your landscaping project.

Residential slab

Our residential recycled plastic paving stones are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional concrete or stone paving stones. They offer several advantages, including a longer lifespan, increased resistance to weather, and better shock absorption.

Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 35 mm


1 m²
180.000 GNF
Do not include transportation costs

Road slab

Recycled plastic road paving stones are an environmentally-friendly option for road construction projects. They are made from recycled materials, are strong and weather-resistant, while being lighter and easier to install than traditional paving stones.

Dimensions : 200 x 160 x 80 mm


1 m²
340.000 GNF
Do not include transportation costs

Delivery and installation on request

BGS Recyplast also provides a delivery and installation service for paving stones upon request.

The recycling plant

Our recycling plant, developed in partnership with Plastic Odyssey, is composed of all the necessary machines and tools to transform Guinean plastic waste into paving stones of different shapes and sizes.

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The shredder

The shredder grinds plastic waste into chips so that they can be easily stored and recycled.


The mixer

The plastic-sand mixer allows for the homogenization of the mixture between plastic and sand, in order to achieve the desired proportions.


The extruder

The extruder melts the plastic material by heating the plastic chips and sand to form a malleable paste, which will then be shaped and cooled to create the paving stones.


The presses

The four hydraulic and pneumatic presses allow for the shaping of the plastic material into molds. The presses enable the creation of paving stones in various sizes and shapes.

The BGS Recyplast team

We are proud to work together to contribute to a more sustainable future, by transforming recycled plastic into robust and useful resources. Meet our team of passionate individuals determined to make a positive difference for the environment.

A motivated team

Our young and dynamic team includes:

  • A production manager, responsible for overseeing the entire production process, from the collection of recycled plastic to the manufacturing of finished paving stones.
  • A quality manager, who ensures that all the paving stones we produce meet our high quality standards, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • A logistics manager, who manages deliveries and ensures that our customers receive their paving stones on time.

In addition to these key members, our team also includes several experienced production technicians and skilled machine operators who work hard to produce high-quality paving stones day after day.

Mariam Keita, fondatrice


My name is Mariam Mohamed KEITA, I am 30 years old, a mother of three (03) children and a graduate in computer management and accounting. I am a curious, determined and committed young woman in my personal projects. After my studies, the search for my first job was a real battle, as I was concerned about my future and had to roam the streets of Conakry to achieve my financial independence.

Thanks to my partner BOUBA BANGOURA and a very dynamic technical team as well as all our partners, BGS RECYPLAST has reached a very significant level and continues to pursue its ambitions for the future. »

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    Adress: Km36, Coyah, République de Guinée
    Phone: +224-622-892-627 / +224-625-772-893

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